Responsive Web Design and Web Developers

Creating Multiplatform Environments for Search Engine Optimization & Usability

A research project by Andrew Tehrani

Research Methods

Responsive websites within

different industries

For my research, I have explored and analyzed the effects of two benefits from responsive design (Usability & Search Engine Optimization(SEO)) on web developers in digital marketing firms, universities, and freelance work.

  • Interviews - Conducted email interviews with a digital marketing director, university developer, and freelancer
  • Analysis - Compared their responsive design methods with those discussed by other web development researchers
  • Effects - Determined how improved usability & seo affect a website on the front-end (user) and back-end (search engine)

My Interviewees

Responsive Design Findings

The two main goals of responsive web design (usability and seo) were found to be common across the three developers I interviewed as well as journals I researched. Specifically, digital marketing firms, universities, and freelancers have been found to follow these goals, with universities prioritizing usability. Find out more here or click on an individual title below.

Digital Marketing Firms

Since implementing responsive design into their websites, Anthony's team has reported major improvements in Usability and SEO.


Christian's team reported an increase in traffic on the mobile version of Sakai and find usability to be more important than SEO.


Kevin works for himself, and as a result, he considers his clients as his "team" when converting static designs to responsive masterpieces.


Usability and SEO have been found to be the main benefits of responsive design. What can developers do to achieve these two benefits?

Responsive design in action

The following section contains one project developed by each of the three developers I interviewed. In addition, I have added a website that I developed for my own client to compare my responsive design methods to the others.

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